Mentoring Beyond Athletics


Needs Provided, Dreams Exceeded!!!  

Mentoring Beyond Athletics (MBA) is a non-profit organization with youth enrichment programs designed to meet struggling/troubled elementary to middle school kids exactly where they need the assistance.  We provide a safe, nurturing  environment with togetherness.​ We have experienced mentors and other passionate team members with an open line of communication to ensure that all needs are met in a timely manner. 

Knowing how to earn and achieve an academic scholarship for college can often take a special skill set without proper guidance or work ethic.  We make academic scholarships more attainable by instilling consistency and routine in everyday living.

We humbly pride ourselves on helping elementary students and others find confidence from within and learn how to become their own leader. 

Providing opportunities through and beyond athletics.

Positive environments that enable teens to officiate, coach and mentor regularly promote leadership growth.  Sports and other hobbies provide passion and confidence which, when used properly translates into success in other areas of life.  Find the program that is right for you or your loved one(s).  If you have additional questions contact us. 


— Tim Daniels Jr., Executive Director —

Tim Daniels Jr. is a passionate educator, mentor and coach who assists youth in participating in free/affordable programs geared towards athletics.  A North St. Paul HS Alumni, Tim challenges families to use sports as a positive incentive for students of all ages.  Prior to becoming an educator for White Bear Lake Public Schools, Tim spent 12 years working and volunteering in various Health Care Occupations, including Group Home Program Supervisor.


A father of three now, Tim began coaching and mentoring youth as early as age 15.  Now, 35, Tim has excelled at coaching tennis, track, soccer, baseball with an expertise in basketball and football.  Tim has college basketball experience, Tim Daniels Jr. is excited to provide more opportunities for youth of all ages to succeed.    





Youth basketball coach


High School and youth football coach


HS basketball and football official

Elementary School Mentor/educator

Youth basketball and football official


Whether you're in need of sports camps, after school programs or competitive tournament play,